#YouthInTech is an initiative that promotes enthusiastic young people who have an idea or an innovative project.

How did you come out with this idea?

Actually, the idea was born in an indirect way, I had not thought of something like that. During my time studying at the “Gjergj Canco” professional school, a fund came for the construction of an ecological project with recyclable materials. The principal of the school chose me to receive this fund and build a project. It was this fund that gave me the impetus to think of an idea that resulted in the construction of the robot. After consulting with the school teachers, I came to the conclusion with the idea of ​​the disinfection robot which I called “SPAC”.


How does this robot work and why exactly this name?

The robot is designed to be used in closed environments. Take the case of use in schools. It automatically turns on at 6 a.m. and begins disinfecting the entire school. The whole process takes an hour, but this depends on the space of the school, where the robot has to go to each classroom. At 7 o’clock the robot has finished disinfection and returns to its place, where it is connected to a charger and charged. The SPAC does not need any human assistance during its work. The only thing the robot needs assistance with is filling the bottles with disinfectant when they are empty, and also checking for possible problems.

• SPAC is a robot designed to disinfect large areas by moving autonomously.

• It is equipped with a spray system which takes the disinfectant from the tank and sprays it out from its arms.

• The arms are designed to move at an angle from 0 to 180 degrees, in order to cover a wide disinfection surface.

• He has several sensors positioned on his eyes, on his body, located one left, one right and one behind him.

• The key point of this robot is the software: a software built with different algorithms that make the robot as autonomous as possible.

The name SPAC is an acronym for “Smart Protection Anti Covid”. This name was born after a brainstorm with different ideas in my family. What is interesting is the fact that at the moment I decided on the name of the robot, I did not know Albania’s “SPAK” against corruption. It was important for me to include the word Covid within the name, because this is the problem that this robot is trying to solve.

How will you carry this idea forward, what is your wish?

Developing the bot has been a difficult process for me, at least until now. To move the idea forward requires first knowledge about what I am dealing with. Then you need a fund, monetary investment. And finally a collaboration with serious and passionate people.

My wish is that one day, why not, this robot will be made in Albania and be available on the market.

SPAC robot

Now that the pandemic is over, where can we use the SPAC robot?

The pandemic was the period of creation of SPAC, I now have many ideas on how I can make it available and at the service of society. A good example would be hospitals, where in my opinion looking at the situation, this robot is very necessary. It can be used to disinfect corridors, crowded places, and most likely, operating rooms. So my focus now is medicine, that’s where I can implement this robot.

What do you want to be in the future, where do you see yourself?

there are many dreams, but the best thing is for everyone to focus on where he/she feels best. My dream since childhood has been the field of technology. It’s my passion. I hope to focus in this direction and maybe one day have my own business in a new field in Albania, always related to technology.

Got a new idea you’re currently working on?

Currently, the biggest project I’m working on these days is educating myself. I want to teach myself some rules and principles that pave the way for many other projects. My motive is: to learn a formula for solving multiple equations and not to learn the solution of a single equation.