#YouthInTech is an initiative that promotes enthusiastic young people who have an idea or an innovative project.

How did you come out with this idea?

The idea was born from the innovation part that we have today. Tech point can include the education of pupils and students in different districts of Albania who want to learn more about IT and find online courses offered by our website. The idea is simple, a person can register on our website and click on the course he or she chooses.

How does this platform work and why exactly this name?

The platform is an open source website where anyone can enter and log in and then find the desired course. The topics are among the most diverse and are offered in Albanian. As for mentors and trainers who develop courses or seminars, they can upload their work by logging into our website.

How will you take this platform forward, what is your wish?

Time takes its course and fate never knows, but with great optimism and success I hope and think that Tech Point will have a green light to walk through the steps of its own success.

How does the community benefit from this platform?

The community benefits from knowledge and an easy way to learn online. This platform is a bridge around knowledge and learning. We offer a service that is supported by mentors and lecturers who have wanted to log in through our site and give their next lecture through Tech Point.

This is our aim, to provide knowledge. This is the key to success, if we learn we will achieve. If we set our goals high and work hard to equip ourselves with the knowledge to accomplish our goals, great things will happen, and that’s what Tech Point is all about.

What do you want to be in the future, where do you see yourself?

In the future, I wanted to become a web designer or a website developer, but more to open my own business with my friend who implemented the idea of ​​Tech Point.

Got a new idea you’re currently working on?

I currently have an idea that I am implementing as a youth capacity in Albania and a business idea called energy’s that is related to the energy side and the problems of today’s world. I and the team believe that we will do a beautiful and innovative work around this issue.