#YouthInTech is an initiative that promotes enthusiastic young people who have an idea or an innovative project

How did you come up with the idea?

Silvi – In our school, Alkidi and I founded the art club, in which Alkidi, apart from art, wanted to include other areas of the creative industry, so in this club we also study the disciplines of design, digital illustration and multimedia.

Alkid– For the creation of the idea of ARD STUDIOS, I was inspired by the work we had done in the club and the problems we encountered among young artists, our peers. The idea of creating such a platform that would solve these problems came to me as a result of searching for a business idea with social impact for the “GrowPOPRI” contest, where we later won at the national level.

How does this platform work and why exactly this name?

AlkidARD STUDIOS is a platform that brings together new artists and not only, to promote their art as well as the services they can offer in the fields of the creative industry (photography, graphic design, 3D modeling, etc.), so that they have the opportunity to gain monetary benefits from their hard work.

The platform will be in the form of a mobile application and website, designed in such a way as to resemble popular social networks, since the target users are more familiar with this type of format in which content was served (in our case, the works artistic etc.) in the most intuitive way.

Conceptually, the platform is divided into two separate applications, “ARD” and “ARD for artists”, serving the specific needs of their users:

• The “ARD” application is the app with which ordinary users interact, who, while browsing the suggestions of artworks, services or artist profiles, show interest to see more details about them, add them to the basket or even buy.

• ARD for artists app, as the name itself suggests, helps artists to upload their artworks/services on the platform, set prices, customize their profile, check their service requests as well as manage the earned income.

So far you have read the name ‘ARD’, but what is the meaning behind this strangely pronounced name? ARD actually comes as a combination of the words ‘Art’ and ‘Design’, which best reflect the essence of the platform.

How will you develop this platform forward, what is your wish?

Alkid – Our desire is for this platform to become a reality, because I believe that it is something that is missing in the Albanian market, for which the community needs.

For the successful realization of this platform, a cooperation with the Creative Industry Agency would be needed, as our efforts are closely related to each other, even the head of this agency, Mr. Jonid Jorgji, expressed his consent for this idea in the most recent competition where we participated with our platform, Creative Business Cup Albania.

How does the community benefit from this platform?

Silvi – The reality of Tirana is so dynamic and colorful, but also gloomy on the other hand, in need of some liveliness, and the works of our artists would serve the best. Also, the platform can help businesses that need, for example, branding services, or even simply decorating their workplaces.

But not only that, “ARD STUDIOS” aims to enliven the artistic habit of the new generation, to motivate young artists to use the talents they have for their financial benefit, and even to be employed as a result of the first contacts made through the platform ours.

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Alkid – I am a person of many talents, ARD reflects my diverse skills in the creative industry, with a special inclination in technology, especially mobile with the creation of UIs (User Interface), but as a graduate I am faced with the choice to continue the university in the branches architecture or computing. I believe I will not leave the business and I hope to continue “ARD STUDIOS” in the years to come.

Silvi – The future excites me as much as it scares me. I am passionate about arts in general and exact sciences, especially chemistry and biology. A good combination of these would lead me to the wonderful profession of medicine, but always following the dream to improve “ARD STUDIOS” beyond borders with the aim of creating a well-organized community. I also want to create my own ecosystem, where science and arts interact in a creative way.

Do you have a new idea you’re currently working on?

Alkid – I am currently the president of the simulated company “REIMAJEAN” within the module “Company of Students” developed by “Junior Achievement of Albania” in national high schools, where we are dealing with the creation of an innovative, fashionable product with a sustainable environment in mind – racks made from jeans that are no longer worn and sit in our drawers. It’s quite an interesting product that seeks to reimagine (as the name suggests) fast fashion and support government campaigns to ban the use of plastic bags. I would like to continue this project, with some very fruitful potential collaborations.

Silvi – Currently I have been part of cryptographic and technological trainings. I received a lot of knowledge that I try to put into practice every day. This, in order to integrate “ARDSTUDIOS” in innovative fields of technology using digital assets. The space of cryptographic digital assets is vast and the integration of “ARDSTUDIOS” would be quite successful.