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This week we share with you general knowledge about the most widespread industries.

The Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022 presents the state of 11 startup industries. Based on a sample of more than 100,000 entities on the StartupBlink map, they can identify interesting trends related to the main startup industries regarding their activity level (number of startups) and scalability level ( the number of unicorns).

The largest industry remains software and data, with 31.8% of the sample startups. The number of unicorns in this industry also increased significantly, from 255 unicorns in 2021 to 415 unicorns in 2022.

A sudden burst of activity in Healthtech has given it the second largest number of startups, with 12.7% of data sampled in this category. The Healthtech industry now registers 73 Unicorns, almost doubling its count in 2021.

It seems COVID-19 has inspired many entrepreneurs to give renewed focus to this critical industry. The Social & Leisure industry represents 10.4% of total startups, but has only managed to create 31 Unicorns.

Industries that demonstrate a better ability to scale are both Fintech and Ecommerce industries, each pertaining to roughly 10% of the startup sample, and generating 219 and 152 Unicorns respectively. Fintech has nearly doubled its Unicorns count since last year.

The rest of the industries lag behind in both representations in the sample and in unicorn count.

The most interesting of those industries is Transportation, which has just 2.6% of the Sampled startups but managed to produce 81 Unicorns. Rankings by the number of Unicorns would place the Transportation industry 4th despite the relatively small number of startups in this field, showing the massive scaling potential of this industry.

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