TechTalks is an initiative taken by Innovation Directorate part of DPTIIDH, featuring local entrepreneurs helping to strengthen our ecosystem. By inviting founders to answer five questions, we want to highlight the most inspiring stories and patterns of our ecosystem. We hope that by giving startup founders a space to share their knowledge and experience, we will all learn and grow together.

How has your career helped you with setting up your start-up?

In fact my startup and other circumstances have dictated my career and profession today as an entrepreneur. When I started LiveME I really wanted to meet people with different perspectives on what I was hearing on a daily basis. Throughout the LiveME journey I have learned, met people and tried to constantly improve myself.

This has also influenced me in the way I think and the way I do things. It has influenced my lifestyle, it has helped me become a better version of myself.

What have been some of the biggest challenges for you?

Every day is a challenge. Every new day is unknown. Every day is a responsibility. Every day is an opportunity to do the things you love. Every day is a horror. Every day is beautiful.

These are my controversial experiences, I believe of many other entrepreneurs as well.

My biggest challenge is to accept that these exist! They must be overcome, they must be experienced and I must continue in spite of everything to achieve a greater goal. That is why everyday and more I love this “marathon”.

What have been some of the biggest wins of your engagement?

My 3 biggest victories during this trip are:

1. I have become a better person

2. I have become a better person

3. I have learned to dream more madly than I could have dreamed before

What are some of LiveME’s specific needs?

LiveME as a start up, needs people to share their experience, to contribute with their expertise. To bring new information and opportunities and collaborate to help others. LiveME also needs to upgrade its model to get more access to its audience.

Why did you choose Tirana to establish and grow your business?

If you do it in Tirana, you can do it anywhere. Yes it is true. More than anywhere else, Tirana needs star-up models like LiveME! For the value it conveys and the contribution it gives to people.

I think the time will come when we will become a point of importance of technology and innovation in the Balkans! Why not even further! It is not impossible, but it is difficult and only we young people can do it. I have chosen to see Tirana in this perspective.

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