TechTalks is an initiative taken by Innovation Directorate part of DPTIIDH, featuring local entrepreneurs helping to strengthen our ecosystem. By inviting founders to answer five questions, we want to highlight the most inspiring stories and patterns of our ecosystem. We hope that by giving startup founders a space to share their knowledge and experience, we will all learn and grow together.

How has your career helped you on founding ARRA?

During my experience I have been both in the role of employer and in that of the employee. It is crucial for a business to decide which candidate to take on board, just as it is difficult for a potential candidate to decide which company to join. Being located between both parties, the individual and the interests of the business, the process itself taught how to identify the real need that the business has for human capital and on the other hand the need of the individual from the contractor to maximize its potential.

What have been some of the biggest challenges for you?

Businesses often do not have the necessary structures or even the time to invest in the proper growth and positioning of employees, and turn to the market for more experienced employees. Recruiting new employees is not always the most effective response for the business when there is a need. In this context we offer a service known as “talent development” which basically consists of identifying talents, skills of existing staff and positioning them in the right role within the company to maximize the benefit for both parties, business and employee. During this process, the training needs are identified in accordance with the short-term and medium-term objectives of the company.

What have been some of the biggest wins of your engagement?

Embracing the idea by associates who are willing to share the same vision with us. I would never like to call them clients as we interact together to create a sustainable and long-term ecosystem.

What are some of the specific needs of ARRA?

Th opportunity to create appropriate ICT and personal development curricula for the labor market in collaboration with universities and colleges.

Why did you choose Tirana to establish and grow your business?

There are many reasons. Tirana carries in itself many talented young people, who work hard to change and in one way or another leave a mark on history. Practically 2022 hurts us the youth capital for a reason. I found the Municipality of Tirana open to innovations, young people and interested in cooperation to do this year with important events in this regard.

We are contributing with wide potential outside the borders of Albania. Practically we who live here have the collective responsibility to fix it and contribute with everything we can to make this place better. We can not always expect external factors or just the government to fix something, for which we can also act. I would like to put an end to the complaints and start acting together to find and apply solutions to small situations, which set up and maintain large systems.

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