Hello there, curious one! Welcome to Tirana. The capital that never sleeps and will always welcome guests with great love and joy as deeply rooted in its history. The largest hub in Albania for ideas, innovation and change. The changing agent that is never tired of trying, learning and producing talents. As this city has all the colors of Albania, industry representatives and international presence, this makes it the ideal home for startups looking to grow onto international markets on the race to produce its first unicorn.

Nëse jeni të interesuar të eksploroni Tiranën si potencial për vendin tuaj të ardhshëm përfaqësues, ose keni një ide që mund të sjellë ndryshim për të gjithë botën, ne do të sigurohemi t’ju udhëzojmë përmes komunitetit startup të Tiranës. The recipe is ready, your idea, our dynamic ecosystem, this platform as a guide, let’s start making the change. Let’s go! Let’s go!

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What is Digital Tirana, and how can we help you?

Digital Tirana is an online platform run by the city of Tirana. Created in 2021, this platform brings together a range of private and public sector elements to support startups, entrepreneurs, ecosystem actors as well as provide comprehensive information on digital nomads.

While being the meeting point to entrepreneurial success in the dynamic Tirana market and beyond to the larger Albanian one, we’re on the action to complete our mission for the ecosystem.

Digital Tirana is one of the few actors providing big sets of information and data that can be of great value for business development, whether you are an operating startup or looking to be established in Tirana and Albania.

Are you looking for talent? We have the right tool and the people too. Think of us as the bridge among you and your next cofounder, or your next development team, we want to be the environment to showcase dynamics of the human development.

Startup Ecosystem

Of course you can have the adrenaline all for your own and explore the startup ecosystem by yourself. But it’s like looking for a treasure without a map!

Let us be your companion to get a clear overview of the ecosystem, key players, interesting places and the rising stars that might be a bit hidden because they dedicate all their time to building the next Albanian unicorn.

On this database we have put together all the possible known actors such as companies, investors, key people, experts, founders so you can explore and get intrigued to talk the next step

Once you decide to get embarked in Tirana with your business or startup make sure to add your startup to the platform for maximum exposure – this visibility can pave the way to talent, connections and capital. And if something comes up, contact us and we will make the best to help you right away.

Whether you want to engage in the ecosystem by following up on what’s happening in the tech environment in Tirana, finding a job in Tech or getting to know the actors in the city startup world, Digital Tirana reserves a special spot for you.

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Starting your own business in Tirana

I have a startup business idea

Let me guess, you have an idea for a business, or you have something special boiling on your mind? How cool is that, let’s start right away together.

Making a change in Tirana means bringing a change in all Albania, this is how big your idea might get right away. We might not be a large number market but for sure on this small dynamic market you can find all personas to provide you with the right information if this idea can become big and what it needs to become greater.

As an entrepreneur, you need access to the right resources to help you kick-start, scale up, accelerate and grow your startup in Tirana. Luckily, as an dynamic ecosystem building up, there are various resources available to you.

We and all the ecosystem players are eager to earn more about you and your idea, how we might help and what can we do to bring it to the world.

And if you hit the right buttons, well we will be here proud to tell the whole world how brave your idea has been. So, feel free to register in our platform and we will reach out to you!

  • Find your team

Having the right people on your team is one of the most efficient ways to achieve success for your startup idea. International experience advises on a three people set-up as co-founders so that each person can bring unique set of skills to the combination.

Whether you’re looking for a team member to join you, or you want to consult your idea with experts, there are several organisations and programmes in Tirana aimed at bringing brilliant people together.

Another interesting way to meet startup soulmates is joining a co-working space. In Tirana, you can find very nice co-working spaces that offer great chances of community building.

  • Join an incubator or an accelerator program

Globally speaking, the majority of startup incubators are nonprofits, and a large number of these are associated with business schools or university business programs. In addition, civic groups, governments, and entrepreneurs who have been successful have created business incubators.

On the other hand, a startup accelerator is a short-term growth program that promotes a few years of growth in the span of a few months. Think of them as a boot camp in market-readiness and investment development.

Find a startup incubator or accelerator in Tirana

In this city, you can find several opportunities to start or to scale up your business. Incubators and accelerators cover all industries, though whether your startup has tourism needs or agriculture in its core, check out some of the potential programs available for entrepreneurs.

Legal and financial matters

Even though it is extremely easy to register a business in Albania, there are few legal steps every interested entrepreneur must know. This step-by-step guide provides a helpful overview of what you need to do to ensure you are in the right direction

  • Fundraising

You may already have your idea and your business plan. You may have already participated in an accelerator program. Still, no matter how big or small you want your business to be, you’ll need some capital to scale it up.

But where do you find the money to take it to the next level?

There are several ways to get the funds to secure the growth of your startup. Check out the key financing actors of Tirana startup ecosystem to find out all the ways that you can access funds as a startup in the city.

  • Investors

New to the startup ecosystem scene, new investors are now finding ways in which they can find the next big shot to invest in. Thus, if you want to get a chance to get to meet some, or even a chance to pitch in front of potential investors, check out Digital Tirana for updated data from the startup ecosystem.

To invest in Tirana

Youth has always been considered the driving force of the future of any economy. During the long period of transition, in the region of Albania many initiatives have been developed to promote empowerment, employment, skills development, as well as the culture of entrepreneurship in the general culture of young people.

If you’re looking for opportunities of investment in Tirana, you can easily register in our platform so that you can get an insight of what’s happening in the ecosystem and furthermore, get to know your peers in the sector.

We guess you may have a lot of questions, and as such, remember that we’re always here to help and our website is continually updated with resources, opportunities and information for startup founders, employees and investors.

Digital Nomads, we didn’t forget about you!

Being a digital nomad, you must be all about new spots on where to settle next. Our city offers various opportunities accompanied with facilities on the spot. Feel free to check them out through Digital Tirana and contact us if you need more information on why you should choose Albania’s vibrant capital!

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