Not only is Finland one of the happiest countries in the world, but it’s also a thriving hub of innovation and tech development.

The country that brought the Nokia phone innovation continues to be a leading country in embracing new, green technologies and digital advancement. Indeed, about 90% of the Finnish innovations born in the last decade support the realization of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Below are some super promising and fast-growing startups, all founded since 2020, that we think you should keep an eye on:

  • Yahaha: Quickly becoming one of Finland’s most recognisable startups, Yahaha is a startup offering a no-code creation platform for 3D interactive content, creating immersive virtual world experiences. Created in Helsinki in 2020, it offers a modular set of services for game development, including art assets. Developers of varying experience levels can create or monetize games within Yahaha Studio’s editing tool. he firm has raised a sizable €115 million, and given the growing popularity of all things virtual and meta, it is certain to keep on growing.
  • Flowrite: Founded in 2020, Flowrite is supercharging daily communication by turning words into ready-to-send emails and messages. For example, have you ever opened an email or message and you’re not sure what to write in your reply? Struggle to know how to put things into words, with the right tone? Or maybe you are not so sure about your grammar? Flowrite offers solutions! After writing a couple of short sentences that give a basis for what you want to say, Flowrite automatically generates a unique email or message that is ready to send, saving time for users and providing confidence. Based in the Finnish capital Helsinki, Flowrite has raised about €4.6 million and its team is growing fast.
  • Veri: This healthtech startup is helping people improve their metabolic health through an app and wearable tech that provides actionable insights and recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle habits. The startup’s aim is to help people feel better in their bodies through a better understanding of what they put into them every day. With the harsh truth that across the globe, our metabolic health is suffering, Veri wants to empower us to make a difference. Diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance are three diseases all on the rise that, through health misinformation, aren’t going anywhere. Too often, people are misinformed and misled about how to get better health – they are told to focus on calories rather than food quality. The Veri mobile app, combined with a glucose sensor that integrates into everyday clothing, enables users to make more informed food choices and directly improve their health. Founded in 2020, it has raised a total of €11 million.
  • P2X Solutions: Based in Espoo, P2X Solutions is building a 20 MW (Megawatts) electrolyser plant that uses electricity produced from renewable sources and the result will be green hydrogen. P2X Solutions uses Power-to-X technology to further refine some of the green hydrogens. In addition to capturing carbon dioxide emissions, they apply circular economy solutions by using carbon dioxide and green hydrogen to create synthetic biofuel. It was born in 2020 and has raised €15 million in total funding. .
  • Huuva: Founded in 2021, Huuva wants to make great food available everywhere. Since September 2021, Huuva has opened six kitchens around the greater Helsinki area. Each of Huuva’s kitchens gathers 3-6 well-known restaurant brands under one roof, enabling consumers to order their favourite dishes from multiple brands in one delivery. The startup is also committed to community awareness. It raised €4.9 million last summer and has secured partnerships with several top restaurant brands in Finland.
  • Onego Bio: Biotech startup Onego Bio is bringing you the egg without the chicken. Founded in Espoo, the startup has developed an animal-free egg white with precision fermentation, offering a sustainable alternative to the world’s most popular protein. It raised 14.5 million last year through a €10 million raise in February and then a €4.5 million extension at the end of the summer. Onego Bio uses a commercially proven Trichoderma technology to solve the environmental problems associated with eggs. This safe, sustainable and cost-effective precision fermentation method produces ovalbumin, the most abundant egg white protein, and the team believes this chosen technology is superior because of its efficiency and productivity. It also provides significant benefits to the environment, food security, as well as animal welfare.
  • Cactos: A Finnish firm with an aim to put an end to harmful energy habits. This green tech startup creates a more efficient, circular energy system for Europe by converting used electric vehicle batteries into smart energy storage devices. Born in 2021, Cactos provides a full-service fleet of distributed energy storage systems based on smart energy storage units and a cloud computing service. The energy storage units are made from re-used Tesla EV batteries, making them one of the market’s most environmentally friendly energy storage units. The impact-driven team secured €2.5 million last year.
  • Synergi: Driven by impact, Synergi is helping homes to become smarter about their energy consumption – empowering them to save money and help the global energy transition. Founded in 2022 by three young entrepreneurs, the vision is to give Europeans more power over their energy bills and emission output and balance the electricity grid. As a starting point, users can connect their electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to the software and smartly charge them. Synergi secured €800k last year and this year the team plan to enable users to connect their solar production, heat pumps, water boilers and other major household energy resources to the platform and use them smartly.

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