“PIRATE Summit” founded in 2010, is a conference created specifically for entrepreneurs and their journey.
This conference focuses on real life experiences, authentic connections, peer learning and is characterized by its festival-like atmosphere.
This conference is a hub for people to engage in different ways, renew old friendships, start new ones and just be themselves.
“PIRATE Summit” brings together international founders with high-class investors and stakeholder representatives since 2011. The summit takes place in the open garden and on the Odonien art premises in Cologne. Also this summit is not just a conference. It is a fusion of business, design and art.
The PIRATE Summit 2022 will host more than 300 different investors, 80 high-class speakers and 500 startups from 70 different countries. Each participant is carefully selected to provide the right “crowd” to make meaningful connections.

As the European capital of youth, and supporter of the innovation ecosystem in Tirana, the Directorate of Innovation, part of the General Directorate of Information Technology, Innovation and Data, Municipality of Tirana, continues the work to help and promote the ecosystem of startups in Tirana. This time we will provide two free tickets for the participation in the “Pirate Summit”.

You can be one of them! Fill out the form below and do not miss the opportunity to be part of hundreds of startups and investors from around the world.

👉🏻 https://cloud.tirana.al/index.php/apps/forms/pPnMH669fQoY48Q6

The deadline to apply for participation in the “Pirate Summit” is until July 15.

P.s: The two tickets donated by Tirana’s Municipality only include participation in the conference.