The public transport service in Tirana is an inevitable element of city life. No one is excluded from using this service as citizens can access more than 20 different bus lines in the city.

Public transport is a less costly way for citizens and meets their needs to reach the various destinations that these lines enable.

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Some facts

  • All lines run through the city center
  • The ticket price is 40 all
  • You can find buses from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Buses arrive at the station every 3 to 10 minutes

Below you will find the interactive map with all the bus lines of the capital.

Note:To read the following map as accurately as possible, please click on the info ℹ️ icon to the right of the map, then click on the point for which you want to get information.

Source: GIS – Municipality Of Tirana

For more detailed information about public transport lines visit Open Data.