Municipality of Tirana provides special attention to transport and movement in the city of Tirana, as one of the most important work priorities.
Parking, both on the road and off-road is an important and very critical aspect for a city, especially for a city as a center of social and economic activities like Tirana.
Demographic and socio-economic developments of the largest urban and administrative center of Tirana have highlighted the need to organize parking and facilitate movement according to the principles of mobility.

The mission of Tirana Parking is to create as many public parking spaces as possible and to offer the citizens of Tirana the facilitation of parking their vehicles, through the efficient management of areas intended for public parking.

The forms of paid parking, under the administration of Tirana Parking are as follows:

  • Parking on the main streets of the city, intended for public parking and reserved parking for a fee;
  • Parking squares, intended for extended time parking;
  • Terminals, intended for parking of intercity and international bus lines;
  • Parking for residents.

The following is an interactive map with the division of parking areas in Tirana:

Source: GIS – Municipality Of Tirana