Tirana is one of the liveliest capitals in Europe and is becoming increasingly attractive to young people and digital nomads looking for new opportunities. As a capital and metropol, Tirana offers many public services, facilities and a wide artistic and cultural life full of events.

Also announced as the “European Youth Capital” for 2022, Tirana is undoubtedly one of the most energetic and transformative cities. A city that apparently never sleeps, full of friendly faces and with hidden surprises in every corner of Tirana and its surroundings.

Walking in the streets of Tirana you will see hundreds of opportunities that the capital offers, from tourist attractions, transformed public spaces for children and young people to nightlife as a real magnet for many tourists visiting Albania.

The public transport service in Tirana is an inevitable element of city life. No one is excluded from using this service. Residents and tourists of the city of Tirana can access more than 20 different bus lines in the city.

Parking is also an unavoidable element in Tirana. Demographic and socio-economic developments of the largest urban and administrative center of the country have highlighted the need to organize parking and facilitate movement according to the principles of mobility. ‘Tirana Parking’institution offers the citizens of Tirana the facilitation of parking their vehicles, through the efficient management of areas intended for public parking as well as the creation of numerous public parking spaces in a center that is only expanding.

Also, bicycle lanes have increased significantly, especially during the last 5 years. The Municipality of Tirana in many different areas of the capital, has included within the investment made the lane dedicated to the users of bicycles, widening of sidewalks and the construction of a network of bicycle lanes, in order to facilitate the movement of citizens, giving priority to pedestrians, people with disabilities or mothers in wheelchairs.

In addition to services and facilities to make life easier in the metropolis, Tirana is full of nice cafes (they say we serve the best coffee in Europe!) and more delicious restaurants per square meter than most European cities – not to mention lively nightlife all days of the week.