Klevisa is a researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and an expert in projects. It specializes in providing professional consulting services to startups, SMEs, NGOs and educational institutions.

The catalog of services it covers includes: market research, scientific and business research, writing and project management, preparation of business plans, organization strategy design, data analysis, business consulting and communication.

She has an academic and professional background in Business, Organization and Finance, offered by educational institutions in Slovenia and Albania. Klevisa also contributes as a lecturer for business and economics subjects.

The purpose of the study is to identify the current characteristics and challenges of the Albanian Startup Ecosystem, the role and importance of ecosystem actors, as well as to suggest some viable solutions that should be considered for improving and strengthening the ecosystem.

The study was carried out by collecting the ideas, opinions and suggestions of 12 different experts of the Albanian Startup Ecosystem through interviews and 91 Albanian startup entrepreneurs through online questionnaires.

The findings are addressed directly to any organization of the Albanian Startup Ecosystem, public authorities and policy makers of Albania, current and future startup entrepreneurs, field researchers and international investor organizations, who are interested in knowing more about with this ecosystem.

The study reveals that the Albanian Startup Ecosystem is at an early stage. It has a small number of startup businesses and viable ideas, and its potential is relatively small.

One of the main causes is that each ecosystem organization has been established and created its own separate strategies, without having a macro plan or coordination with other organizations, governmental orientation and well-defined legal framework.

Also, the social conditions and macroeconomic elements of the business environment in Albania are affecting the low level of development of startups and the ecosystem in general. Coordination of strategies, coordination of programs and cooperation of all organizations of the Albanian Startup Ecosystem and the Government of Albania are the first steps to be taken.

Other important directions that ecosystem actors should carefully consider include: high-quality entrepreneurial education, transparent approaches to fund management and inclusiveness, very good promotion of various initiatives and more efforts to help businesses the new also in other cities of Albania, beyond Tirana.

The need to establish new structures for the improvement of the ecosystem should also be considered, such as: fund audit bodies, technology and innovation parks, investment organizations and grant providers.

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