You have often heard of unicorns in the field of startups, but do you know what makes a startup develop into a unicorn?
In the field of finance, a unicorn is considered a startup whose value exceeds 1 billion dollars.

So far, only 554 startups worldwide are considered unicorns and according to the Embroker portal a startup takes an average of 7 years to grow into a unicorn.

The market of Albanian startups is still far from the value of 1 billion dollars. According to expert Alejtin Berisha, these are some startups founded by Albanians which show great development potential.

1. FreshaLabinot Zeqiri, has received $ 152 million investment in Series C with an estimate of $ 640 million.

2.Slice – Ilir Sela, has received nearly $ 100 million in total investments and has a team of over 650 employees (mostly Albanians) in Northern Macedonia.

3. ArchiProMilot Zeqiri has received a $ 35 million investment in Series A from #TigerGlobalManagement, one of the most important investment firms in the world.

4. Tive – Krenar Komoni, has received a $ 54 million investment in Series B. It has an office with over 80 employees in Prishtina.

5. ButlerHospitality– Premtim Gjonbalic, has received a $ 55 million investment in Series A and B. It has an office with over 70 employees in Prishtina.

6. HELLOSolaborateLabinot Bytyqi, has raised over $ 12 million investments while the Hello Healthcare device is located in over 10,000 patient rooms around the world in partnership with the giants of the health industry. It has an office in Prishtina with over 100 employees.

7. Twig – Geri Çupi – has received a $ 35 million investment in Series A. It has an office with about 30 employees in Prishtina.

It should be noted that while there is no exact formula to be considered unicorn, the startups listed above are on a very promising path to further success.