After months of hard work and mentoring, GrowPreneur organized for the second year the “GrowPreneur Demo Day”. In this event 7 startups, previously mentored and prepared by GrowPreneur, presented their ventures to investors from all over the Balkans.

Growpreneur was built in collaboration with Yunus Social Business Balkans and EU for Innovation, as a flexible and personalized program for all startups.

Unlike other entrepreneurial ecosystem events, during the “GrowPreneur Demo Day” the evaluation of finalist startups was different from the traditional way. This time instead of a jury, a group potential investors chose which startup they wanted to invest in.

Part of the event was the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Mrs. Anuela Ristani, who said that:
“The city is very pleased when the Municipality of Tirana is present at such events and supports startups. I am telling you a very interesting fact. In Albania, 7% of students who have just finished university have the will to start their own business. In Israel this number is 79%, but this 7% of ours is much more enthusiastic and noisy so I hope to continue like this.”

Edona Bilali, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship Protection, was also present at the event and during her speech she returned the attention to the new law on startups.

“Through the Council of Ministers decision, we have passed the new draft law on the law for startups. It is expected to be passed and voted on in parliament in February. It will be a total fund of 2.5 million euros that will go to ecosystem actors, facilitators (accelerators), incubators and co-working spaces. “- said Mrs. Bilali.

Ideas presented during the event:

  1. ArtMade – e-commerce
  2. StudentsLife – A platform for free services for students .
  3. Potry Venture – A company that intends to have partners to invest in cryptocurrency.
  4. Travel Box 365 – A platform that connects the tourist with the travel company and includes in the package a box of Albanian bio products.
  5. Visit South Albania – A platform dedicated to tourism in the South of Albania
  6. Anarkitekt – Handcrafted furniture with for houses, hotels, etc.
  7. EasyAlbania – e-commerce .

During the event, awards were given for the mentor of the year and an honorary award for Mr. Ndoc Mula, a very important mentor and actor of the ecosystem, who unfortunately lost his life on December 30 in a hike.

The “Mentor of the Year” award was given to:
1-Esa Hala
2- Suela Kocibellinj
3- Tomi Kallanxhi

Some awards given by the partners:

  1. ARRAprovided training for StudentsLife;
  2. Raiffeisen Bank provided mentoring for e-commerce integration and Raiffeisen Bank’s human resources workshop for Easy Albania and StudentsLife;
  3. Balkans Capital provided financial and accounting consultancy for 3 months for startup ArtMade;
  4. DigitSapiens provided web and workflow building for three months for free for StudentsLife;
  5. MaxBrand Albania provided marketing expertise for Travel Box;
  6. Valbona Begolli provided a development and marketing plan for the TravelBox 365 platform;
  7. Arlind Haxhiaj provided co-working space for Potry Venture;
  8. Eglent Bici provided platform development for Visit South Albania and TravelBox 365;
  9. Duapune offered 300 Euros for StudentsLife;
  10. Duapune offered 300 Euros for Anarkitekt;
  11. Duapune offered 300 Euros for TravelBox.

ArtMade startup was awarded 2000 Euro – the grand prize given by GrowPreneur.