Youth has always been considered the driving force of the future of any economy. During the long period of transition, in the region of Albania many initiatives have been developed to promote empowerment, employment, skills development, as well as the culture of entrepreneurship in the general culture of young people.

Albania is committed to developing a sustainable and predictable business climate by continuing to implement substantive reforms, fiscal consolidation aimed at reducing national debt, improving regional cooperation, investing in infrastructure and reforming the education system.

The Albanian government has also moved forward with an ambitious economic and structural reform agenda, which will contribute to a more attractive business environment: restoring growth, improving competitiveness and creating new jobs.

Starting a business / startup is something that starts with the desire and passion to create and work for yourself. The startup community is young, energetic and run by young people with ambitions who strongly believe that startups have a secure future in Albania. However, experts operating in the field of startups say that from the idea of a business to the sale of the product, it’s a long road every entrepreneur has to walk on.

After a careful evaluation and categorization of the total number of startups, there are about 550+ startups of which 257 of them are registered in the National Business Center.

Of course starting a business is just the beginning, because the hard part comes next. For this reason, below are the steps on how you can register your business on the E-albania portal.

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Are there any incentives in this area?

The Albanian government prioritizes the development of technology in the country As a result, taxes in the field of information technology have been reduced in recent years from 15% to 5%. Also, legal policies for startups are currently being adopted, aiming at the establishment of special support institutions during the incubation phase.

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Also, to coordinate donor organizations and the government in the field of entrepreneurship promotion, recent efforts by the government are oriented towards the development of a “Law on startups” in a common collaborative approach.