Tiranahas become the most innovative center of the country, full of spaces where young people can develop their technological skills or even work for the world’s most famous companies.
In the framework of promoting and supporting a healthy ecosystem in the sectors, a panel was held on April 9, 2022, on the topic “Digitalization and Innovation in Tirana” organized in two sections.
First panel, moderated by Ms. Bora Muzhaqi, Minister of State for Youth and Children, consisted of the following panelists:
Mr.Kushtrim Shala, ICTs Media
Mrs.Shqipe Berisha, TUMO
Mr.Arjan Ymeri, Oficina
Mr.Arlind Haxhiaj, Coolab
Mr.Erion Nako, SDA by Protik

The second panel, moderated by Mr. Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana, consisted of the following panelists:
Mrs.Albana Shkurta, Lufthansa
Mrs.Sonila Abdalli, Destil Creative Hub
Mr.Aleksandër Risilia, Ritech
Mr.Gjergj Robo, SmartWork

Discussion ranged from companies’ experiences in the marketplace, their in-house innovation challenges, to current practices of companies and guest actor for the benefit of young people and the community. The audience of the event consisted of young people and representative of the ecosystem interested in the many opportunities that city of Tirana and its partners offer.

Albana Shkurta, administrator of Lufthansa Industry Solutions, told to the youth that Lufthansa Industry Solutions in April celebrates its 5th anniversary in Albania.
This company consists of a staff of 301 empoyess, where 280 of them are software development specialists. They provide services and consulting regarding software application systems, for the clients of the “Lufthansa Industry Solutions” group. The employees in this company are the product of private and public universities and some of them have even attended courses at the “SDA Academy”.
Salaries for employees who have just finished their studies or have not completed them, start from 700 to 2500€ for those with previous work experience.

Sonila Abdalli, founder of “Destil Creative Hub” said: “In 2014 I was in the last year of studies in architecture we decided to create a creative space for cooperation. In every sector the creative industry is very important. Today every sector attaches great importance to image. We have 3 program for entrepreneurship from where we have passed about 80 startup, some of them today are very successful.”

Ritech representative, Mr. Aleksandër Risilia, said that this company is building a Siemens presence in the Balkans with a staf of 400 employees in Albania and Kosovo.
Their goal is to reach product development, so they think that the day is not far away when we sill have the first Albanian “unicorn”. In general they work with American companies where the salaries of employees start from 50.000 to 350.000 ALL/month.

Mr. Gjergj Robo, representative of the company “SmartWork” said that digjitalization is the present and the future for every business regardless of the field of operation. Founded in 2017, today SmartWork has a staff of 190 employees. The average age of their employees is 28-29 yearl old. This is the generation that has had the opportunity to have the right knowledge and qualifications to work in the field of technology.

At the end of the meeting, the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj stated that the future of international companies, which offer good employment opportunities for Albanian youth, represents the vision of Tirana.