Digital Nomad

Tirana welcomes all digital nomads who want to work from home enjoying all the benefits that the capital offers.

What does it mean to be a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are the people following a nomadic lifestyle while engaging in distance work using digital telecommunication technology. Some digital nomads are regular travelers, while others are nomads only for a short period of time.

Tirana has as its priority the creation of a more favorable and friendly environment for digital nomads. Nowadays, if you want to work from Albania and live in a country where Wi-Fi is everywhere and co-working spaces are affordable and easily accessible, the chances are very good!

The year 2020 reshaped organizational cultures and how people define work in their lives. Companies shifted their models to accommodate working from home, and that trend continues. The reshaping of work also pushed further the phenomenon of digital nomads.

Digital nomadism has been approached as a form of creative tourism, a type of leisure activity as a novel type of location independent workforce and as a new economic activity and a cultural phenomenon. When we talk about digital nomads, there are three key elements that define them the best!


Have you ever seen a digital nomad that walks alone? They can go sightseeing and check out new places as they wish but they always tend to create or find a community of similar minded people along the way. And they carry that community through time in every country that they go to! We must say though: it is one of the coolest communities you will ever get to join!


‘Nomad’ per se means being free, as it encompasses a life without country borders and settling. Needless to say that digital nomads embrace freedom as the most important thing they carry through job positions or company created in different places.


You may think that ‘nomadism’ means not having a home, right? Not true though. Their righteous home: family, technology and necessities they carry are always with them. In fact, a digital nomad somewhere is currently looking for their next home:)! Let’s hope your next destination is Tirana young fellow, we will not disappoint!

We are always looking forward to hosting the next digital nomad here in Tirana. European Youth Capital for 2022 and Capital of Sports for 2023 can be a cool spot for any wannapreneur around the world and any remote worker that wants a new challenge ahead!

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