Regardless of whether you have been living in Tirana for a long time or are visiting it for the first time, you will be able to find about 90 spots where free WiFi is offered throughout the capital. Offering this service free of charge in these spaces enables citizens and tourists to access the internet service as well as the opportunity to be informed in real time on tourist attractions, events to be held in the city or information on public transport.

Also, for the safety of Internet users, the use of “Friendly Wi-Fi” on a public wi-fi, makes your online experience safe and reliable. Therefore, in all spots where “Tirana Free Wifi” is offered, citizens are already protected and safe during navigation. Tirana Friendly Wi-Fi Initiative, which comes in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana and the UNICEF office in Albania, enables use of free internet, filtered by harmful and illegal online information, to protect children and their families.

Friendly Wi-Fi Albania is an internationally recognized certification symbol for public Wi-Fi. In certified environments where the “Friendly Wi-Fi” symbol is displayed, filters access to child pornography, images and videos with abusive and violent content, as well as to sites blocked by the Internet Watch Foundation, as sites containing images inappropriate for them.  

Below you can find the map that shows the areas of Tirana in which the ‘Tirana Free WiFi’ service is offered.

Source: GIS – Municipality Of Tirana