Transforming public libraries into technology hubs is an initiative of UNICEF Albania, in close collaboration with Albanian Sustainable Development Organization (ASDO).

This program has transformed four of Tirana’s libraries into technology centers for children, youth, and the community. Incubators will be a great push to increase digital education in children and young people, security and to contribute to the narrowing of the generational gap between their parents and them. Also, the initiative aims to massively involve children and young people and enable startups and small businesses to further develop their ICT projects.

Four existing public libraries, namely “Hamit Beqja”, “Musine Kokalari”, “Misto Treska” and “Aleksandër Moisiu” will in functional incubators for children and young people passionate about Information and Communication Technology. The four libraries will expand the map of the capital’s “Friendly WiFi” areas, protecting children and young people from adult pornography and child sexual abuse materials.

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Throughout the development of the initiative, the focus will be on informing and raising awareness of children and parents that they can navigate safely online in the premises of the libraries.

BiblioTech will also facilitate the organization of information sessions, workshops and technology facilitated activities for children and the community on digital literacy, safety, information technologies, startups, etc.