The facilities that a city offers are crucial for the social and economic development of its inhabitants. Tirana is one of those cities that have taken initiatives providing many facilities for young people, businesses and communities. So far, these initiatives have played a very important role for the citizens and have provided many benefits for them.

Some of the most important are:

  • Bibliotech program – This program has transformed four of Tirana’s libraries into technology hubs for children, youth, and the community at large. Incubators will be an incentive to increase the digital education of children and young people, security and to contribute to the narrowing of the generation gap between youth and their parents. Also, the initiative aims to massively involve children and young people and enable startups and small businesses to further develop their ICT projects.
  • Free Wi-Fi – As part of the “Tirana smart City” initiative, the city of Tirana offers free Wi Fi service in its public spaces. Providing this service free of charge in public spaces will enable citizens and tourists to access the Internet service at any time and the opportunity to be informed in real-time on tourist attractions, events to be held in the city, or information on public transportation.
  • GIS – The Geographical Information System was introduced in order to collect, store, analyze, process and update geospatial information handled by the city.
  • Open Data Tirana – Opendata is the philosophy that supports the free distribution and publication of data without legal restrictions, patents or other control mechanisms.
  • eKioska – Electronic self-service kiosks where citizens can, at any time, receive some of the main services of the Municipality of Tirana. These ekiosk have a comfortable and interactive interface in which everyone can easily find the information they are looking for.