Akademi Foundation is an Albanian based NGO dedicated to the promotion of free and equal access to quality education for all. Our goal is to become Albania’s most effective NGO in addressing schooling and education gaps and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Web: https://www.akademifoundation.com/
Email: info@akademifoundation.com


AlbaniaTech, is a platform to inform about the Albanian Startup and Innovation Ecosystem, its actors and their offers as well as a place to share success stories and an overview of active startups.

Web: https://albaniatech.org/


Beyond Idea is incubation program for technology and green startups which aims to develop entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and creative entrepreneurship. The objective is to increase entrepreneurial skills among new or existing SME owners who wish to innovate, expand their company, in order to increase their potential competitiveness in the local and global market

Web: https://ideabalance.al/

BLOCONOMY 40under40

One of the main projects of the initiative is “40 under 40”, undertaken by Wood World
Albania and Bloconomy.al, which since the nomination phase has created a database of 200 entrepreneurs
nominated by Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Albania. Through online podcasts, this project has
for the purpose of promoting the success stories of the nominated entrepreneurs.

Web: https://bloconomy.al/
Email: bloconomy.al@gmail.com


Challenge fund is a competitive financing facility that will be used as a means of addressing the issue of access to finance for innovative companies at an early stage of development, as well as for organizations engaged in services to innovative startups and promotion of the Albania innovation system.

Web: https://challengefund.euforinnovation.al/
Email: euforinnovation@giz.de


Aims to identify and support startups in their early stages and founders who have an idea, product, and service that may have the potential to turn into an innovative solution that can be applied in the financial sector.

Web: https://elevator-lab.com/al/
Email: gerti@newmedia.al


EU4INNOVATION aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and boost startup creation in Albania. The program in Albania is funded by the European Union with support from the German Federal Ministry For Economic Cooperation and Development.

Web: https://euforinnovation.al/
Email: euforinnovation@giz.de


Gen Albania operates a platform of projects and programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business. GEN works to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs, educate individuals, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth.

Web: https://www.genglobal.org/albania
Email: Info@genalbania.org


Is a flexible support program for early validation and growth-stage startups, tailored to their need to help them build profitable repeatable and scalable business models, improve their market traction and investment readiness, and grow faster.

Web: https://growpreneur.al/
Email: Balkans@yunussb.com
Tel: 355 60 40 01 981


Young entrepreneurs or who have a business idea, have the opportunity to become part of the IDEA project, a program that supports innovative developments for entrepreneurs in Albania, funded by GIZ. IDEA offers a complete CEFE training package on business competencies and skills, 3 months of counseling, and 2 months of mentoring.

Web: https://idea.cefe.net/
Email: ideaplus@cefe.net
Tel: +355 68 20 01 383


Their mission is to promote and advance public interest in Albanian culture and education, at home and abroad, to encourage the spread of knowledge in the intellectual, legal and scientific traditions of Albania. Nurture new innovative and entrepreneurial ideas into meaningful projects and eventual partnerships.

Web: https://ivanaj-foundations.org/
Email: info@ivanaj-foundations.org
Tel: +355 4 450 2680


Junior Achievement Albania was founded in April 2012. Based in Tirana. It is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide and Junior Achievement Europe. JAA comes to Albania as a strategic investment of the Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) with the institutional support of the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth. Thanks to the cooperation and help of teachers, mentors, and business leaders.

Web: https://junior-albania.org/


The Mission of the National Youth Congress is to mobilize youth organizations and to strengthen the role of youth in society. Young people across Albania will have a common voice to advocate and lobby on issues that affect them.

Web: https://krk.al/
Email: info@krk.al
Tel: 04 220 3054


Partners Albania for Change and Development is an independent Albanian NGO, which supports civil society and facilitates cross-sector cooperation in order to strengthen democratic institutions and advance economic development. Partners Albania has created a model of support mechanisms for start-ups by offering financing, mentoring, know-how and networking opportunities.

Web: https://partnersalbania.org/
Email: partners@partnersalbania.org
Tel: 042254881


The Balance Center equips individuals, communities, businesses and organizations with the tools, knowledge and contacts they need to increase their income and gain access to services. Their work focuses on enabling four essential factors such as: participatory development, systemic change, accountability and contextualized innovative solutions.

Web: https://ideabalance.al/
Email: qendrabalance@gmail.com
Tel: +355 68 605 9317


RISE’s first specific objective is to enrich the capacity of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Western Balkans region. This specific objective is aimed at local support structures (RISE incubators) that are promoting innovative and social projects and project leaders.

Web: https://www.risewb.org/
Email: Balkans@yunussb.com
Tel: +355 60 40 01 981


RYCO, the regional platform that puts young people at the center of its work, is an intergovernmental organization that stewards and promotes regional and intercultural cooperation of young people within and among six Western Balkans societies.

Web: https://www.rycowb.org/


SCiDEV is an non-partisan organization that aims to support and incentive’s sustainable, economic and social development and democratization in Albania and the wider region.

Web: https://scidevcenter.org/
Email: info@scidevcenter.org


Startup city is the place where students and young people can develop their business ideas by presenting them to a prestigious jury. This competition aims to help all young innovators with an entrepreneurial spirit to realize and present their business ideas.

Web: https://www.facebook.com/suctirana/
Email: info@umt.edu.al
Tel: +355 69 25 91 493


Stem Hub is a center with a focus on the orientation and development of young people towards STEM, as professions of special importance in the future, as well as the support of startups in this field for young people, girls and women. It offers the construction of a connecting infrastructure between communities in STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation in Albania and the region. The center also supports research work in this community and in STEM.

Web: stemalbania.org
Email: info@stemalbania.org


Swiss EP team in Albania is an integral part of the entrepreneurship eco-system in Albania. They work closely with eco-system organizations, startup teams, and individual startup activists, the media that reports on entrepreneurial topics, and everybody else who cares about startups and entrepreneurship. ⁣⁣
Web: https://swissep.org/
Email: blendina.cara@swisscontact.org
Tel: +355 4 223 2778


Uplift is an early-stage startup accelerator program focused on growing business and increasing valuation. We aim to support dozens of the most innovative and promising startups from the Balkans region.

Web: https://uplift.al/
Email: info@uplift.al
Tel: +355 69 90 09 000


UPSHIFT is a program that aims to increase opportunities for young people by ensuring increased well-being through employment and entrepreneurship. This program improves professional readiness and entrepreneurial capacities, in terms of transferable skills and professional experiences among young people.

Web: https://upshift.al/
Email: office@ictslab.com
Tel: 069 900 9000